Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Ode to Megha


Mr Dalip Langoo is a Vocalist/Music Composer and Lyricist from Kashmir and has shared with us a Poem he wrote for "Megha". Here's what he had to say

I came to know about the project from face book. The wonderful promo attracted attention of many supporting the project financially and I could not stop myself expressing my feelings and being an artiste I penned down a poem that I recorded also for your group I M. MY best wishes are with you and we will be eagerly waiting for the sucess of the project of you all.


  1. Indeed a soul stirring voice .....it reminded me of the famous TAMAS....

    I believe Dilip has recorded this at home and a little touch up here and there may be a theme song for this movie....

    I wish this movie luck....may you win national award and Oscars too...

    May God Bless you ...

  2. dear dilp ji,
    very touching one,u have descibed the agony of seperation in a very subtle manner

  3. Definitly, Dalip ji has got tremendous control over voice and being a Kashmiri pandit himself, who else can express the agony in such a powerful manner, the song and voice hit the right chords.

  4. Full justice with the song .. Stirs emotions ..Only son of Kashmir can sing with such emotions. I wish Mr. Dalip Langoo and whole team all the best

  5. Thanks dear all!
    MEgha is our own story and the moment I saw the pictures I was stunned and could not stop my tears! What happened to us is exactly what the group I M is about to potray? It has become extremely important to highlight such issues of prime importance!
    We all wish the group all the very best!

  6. dalip ji , i can understand the intensity of pain , as me too have given my 4 years in valley for my higher education .songs speaks the pain author under goes. im sure enough you will hit the top , and the object and theames you have inside the project will get the success. may god bless all of us and provide us back the real heaven on the earth.

  7. Brilliant .. the pain and anguish of exile has been depicted well .. If this song is recorded in a studio this will be a super hit ..

    The interludes are also amazing .. with some great voice quality and brilliant modulations ..

    Keep going .. I have lots of hope from this project

  8. As always feel of divinity in Dalip Ji's voice.
    Wishing team Megha a grand success!

  9. Excellent. No words to express the feelings that this song evokes. Voice, lyrics, modulation..... Every attribute is mesmerizing. Wish Mr. Langoo and team all the best for the film.

  10. Hi Dalip,

    You are rocking. MEGHA Song is touching soul.
    Great Lyrics & Singing. GOD Bless.

    Best Wishes to you & the Whole Team of MEGHA.

    arvind kaul

  11. Dalip an excellent rendition of music and depth of emotions. Wishing you all the best for future recordings.