Friday, June 5, 2009


This post is to share all the mentions of Abhimanyu in press

1) Onir Anirban wants your help with his new film -

2) You can be a producer too - Times of India

3) I want to make a difference as an artist -

4) Onir to Expose Nexus Between Male sex Workers and Police -

5) Onir's Omar brings to fore the plight of gay men -

6)Abhimanyu, Omar get nominated for TMG Global Awards -

7) Onir extends a unique offer, makes audiences shareholders in his next film -

8) Onir has big plans -

9) Onir: I wanted to make a film on child abuse for a long time -

10) Audience Appreciation - Yahoo News

11) After RGV and Sanjay Gupta, Onir tells his short stories -

12) Funding a movie - Filmmaker Onir tries the Facebook way - Water, No Ice

13) Want to turn Producer ? Invest in Onir's film -

14) Want quality cinema ? Pay up -

15) Good deed for the day -

Abhimanyu’s coming to town -

"Juhi & Purab are acting as well as contributing financially to my film": Onir -

19) Kannada Actress Pooja Gandhi in Abhimanyu -

20) Abhimanyu: Reeling the real -

22) Anurag to play Abuser -DNAIndia

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