Friday, July 31, 2009

The making of Abhimanyu!

Location Hunting!

Lemme start this diary on the making of Abhimanyu, with the initial beginning - the Location Hunting in Bangalore. When Onir decided that he will make Abhimanyu in Bangalore, he told me his requirements of the locations (that goes with the script). As I was based in Bangalore, it was easier for me to get hold of locations - And as the script demanded a few of them including two houses, cafe day, studio and a disc, I was on the move to get hold of them.
Easier to get them, had the photos clicked of the locations and sent it to Onir. I had sent lots of photos of different bungalows that was needed. Hmm... to be very frank, Onir did not like most of them and zeroed in a few to have a look when he comes down for Recce.
So, I got ready to show him two bungalows, three different houses, two editing studios, discos/pubs amongst others. be continued

Sundeep Malani

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday wishes for Rahul Bose from a Fan

Hi Rahul,

1st of all a very very happy (belated) B'day. Wish you all the success and luck in the coming year. Also appreciate the fact that you are part of "Abhimanyu" now, I was any how excited about the film since the day Onir shared the Idea with his FB friends.... but honestly the excitement got doubled when I got to know that you are gona be part of the project.... really looking forward to your work and the film itself.... Thought i somehow refrain myself from quoting "I am a big fan" kinda statement, but when it comes to people like you I have to say I admire your work and the persona you carry.... keep it up.. hope i can meet you sometime and exchange few words......

Take care, have a gr8 year ahead... God Bless..


Saurangshu Kanunjna

Bangaloreans gets Branded!

Abhimanyu! It can be your child. It can be you.
Yep. Everyone wanted to get a share of Abhimanyu as everyone loves him. Want to caress him, want to shower their love, blessings on him. Want to own him.
And Bangalore and Bangaloreans got a chance to be with him and own him too!

Abhimanyu got branded by the following names, who have got themselves in some or the other way associated to the project. And as they have done so, Anticlock Films team, Onir and Sanjay Suri thanks all of them, for their whole hearted support.

* Nalini Rathnam for helping in getting the kids, and letting her place for Auditioning
* Archna Balan and her team of Bottle Films (Murali and Nikhil) for taking care of the shoot and voluntarily being the Online Producers.
* Yasmine Claire and Jayaprakash Satyamurthy for lending their cats to be showcased in the film.
* Abhishek Dhar for giving his car for the entire shooting schedule.
* Rreshma Malani for designing costume for Pooja Gandhi.
* Silver R Malani for giving his cycle, toys and kids props for the shoot.
* Ricky Kej for letting us shoot at his Music Editing Studio.
* Viren Khanna for getting in his hi profile guests to be part of the shoot at the Disco Lounge
* Actress Pooja Gandhi for voluntarily accepting the role and being a part of the cause.
* Model Arry Dabas for doing a cameo in the film voluntarily
* Gurudas Kamath, Shylaja Hegde, Ananth Narayan for renting their place for the shoot and lending their full support.
* Press & Media for covering the shooting report.

And all ye Bangaloreans

On Behalf of Anticlock Films & Abhimanyu,
Sundeep Malani

Monday, July 27, 2009

Abhi-ban(galore)yu Times!

Abhimanyu caught in the Act!

The starcast comprising of Sanjay Suri, Rahul Bose, Radhika Apte, Shernaz Patil and Pooja Gandhi have been photoshot and articled by Bangalore Times.
Director Onirban and his team were in the city shooting for the short film ABHIMANYU. BT got a sneak peek.

A few days ago, director Onirban and his trusted cinematographer Arvind Kannabiran were in the vity, scouting for locations to shoot his short film Abhimanyu. "At 25 minutes run time, Abhimanyu will be shot entirely in Bangalore", Onirban had said then. Though some of the preferred locations didnt work out, the filmmaker was soon back with his cast and crew, filming across the city over five days.
"We first shot at a house in Koramangala for a very important sequence in the film. As the film deals with child abuse, it was imperative that the central character returns to his roots and confronts people about what happened in his childhood. So we had Sanjay Suri, who plays Abhimanyu, come back to his childhood home with a pal (played by Radhika Apte) to speak to his mother (Shernaz Patel) about his childhood," explains Onir.
These events in his formative years make Abhimanyu non committal in relationships, explains Sanjay. "Abhimanyu witnesses several traumatic events in his childhood, even losing people close to him, and that eventually makes his approach ambiguous towards relationships," he elaborates. Hence the significance of the little black kitten in the Koramangala shoot. "The cat is a big symbol in the film, the idea being that Abhimanyu is like a cat who likes attention, but has no concept of loyalty," explains Onir.
As the settings changed between Indiranagar, Kanakapura Road and Brigade Road, director Anurag Kashyap, actor Rahul Bose and Pooja Gandhi joined the action. "I play Jai, a techie from Bangalore and an old pal of Abhimanyu and my scenes in the film are about a chance meeting with a friend and the lingering remnants of attraction between us." says Rahul, whose character also plays a central role in a subsequent short-film to be made - OMAR.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

TGIF! - Cafe, Pub & Dance Floor

The 5th day and the last day of the shoot was a Friday, and it was Cafe, Pub & the Dance floor all the way!
We actually had more fun than the shoot on Friday, as it was all in the open space of the happening place of Bangalore - Brigade Road. Although we started early, the presence of Rahul Bose & Sanjay Suri at the Open Cafe Day, brought in lots of crowd to watch the shoot. But, without any disturbance and co-perative crowd we could manage to complete it on time, as per schedule.
Move on to, Fusion Lounge (Pub & Disc) wherein the Kannada Actress - the Hearthrob of Bangalore - Pooja Gandhi made an appearence to be part of the project. Thanks to Viren Khanna, the event organisor and the party animal, who bought in his group of friends to be part of the shoot.
At the end of the day, we wrapped up the shoot - the Last day with Cafe, Pub & fun at the dance floor!
That brings to the successful end of ABHIMANYU's 5 days shoot! Thank God its Friday!

Sundeep Malani

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Abhimanyu I knew... by Aarambhh M Singh

It takes not a lot of courage to revisit a tale of horror. Something that Aarambhh had encountered in his friend and the chilling experience of his has lived with him for years.  On Facebook Aarambhh recounts his experience... and makes an appeal for Abhimanyu.

You could too like Aarambhh spread the word on your online spaces and send us the link for us to acknowledge here.


"No Papa No …"
I read the heading in the Times of India almost 15 years ago when I was too young to even understand the difficult vocabulary of the news paper article. I still remember the article had a painted picture of sobbing girl and I began reading it … and with every line it became more and more difficult for me to understand the words like "Molestation", "Rape", "Sexual abuse", etc., which were beyond my limited knowledge about sex at the age of eleven. Before someone could catch me, I hid it in the most unreachable corner of my room.

Years later… at our tenth class farewell, "Amol"(name changed) my best friend was missing from the party. It kept me very uncomfortable throughout, knowing the fact that he was expecting to be wining Mr. Evening title. After the party, I requested Avinash to drop me at Amol's place. Before I could press the doorbell of "Gupta's Residence", I heard a sobbing. I followed the sound only to find Amol behind the car in his father's garage. He hugged me tight and cried.(He was sexually abused by his tenant whom he was quite fond off)…I managed to bring him home somehow. Amol was scared that his father may never believe him. Mr. Gupta had blind faith on that 28 year old decent looking studious tenant rather than Amol. That night while Amol cried and slept, I ransacked my room to find the same article which was beyond my understanding years ago. I realized Amol was also a Victim of a Child Sexual Abuse.

The story never ended with Amol and in India it has become a never ending story. In India typically, parents are very careful about the friends we roam around. Even Amols parents Mr. & Mrs. Gupta enquired every now and then if his friends booze or smoke. They ensured to meet each of his friend with same old question "Beta aap smoke to nahi karte na?" "Beta aap drink to nahi karte na?" They even kept and eye on Amol's elder sister Akansha who turned nineteen the same year if she is loitering around because they were worried she might bring home some unwanted shame. But did they check the growing fondness that the tenant showed towards Amol? (He is a boy what will happen to him!) Did they ever keep an eye on Akansha when she was probably five and was left behind to play at a neighbor's house? (No because then they were not worried of pregnancy).

Another case just added to long pending cases, we read, we know and we try to hush the matters because we are ashamed of accepting the fact that such animals exist in this society. And with due respect to animals, these people are worst than animals, because even animals don't degrade themselves to such category. This is probably an everyday affair in our households where trustworthy people like a close relative, friend, tuition teacher, and servant are doing such a horrendous crime. But the lack of recognition, acceptance and inhibitions; just encourage them more and make the lives of innocent kids, pure hell.

To the point that when I had written this article one year back, the reactions which I got were ranging right from incredulity to criticism. I was told that such topics never deserved to be discussed in public forums. And I wondered at the mentality of people. What if its your own child? What if it happens to somebody whose close and near or dear to you? Would you still shove it under you bed, ignore it and consider it as a hush-hush topic? Most of the times an unaddressed issue , blows out of proportion and becomes a disease.

Today somebody has decided to address the topic in a way it should be. The movie "Abhimanyu" is a step towards the same. Director Onir in his series of short films , prelude with a story of a survivor of Child Sexual Abuse. All he needs is support from people. An unparallel support which would make this commendable dream project successful. So please take a step forward and contribute in the manner you can. A step from you today can make an impact on somebody's life, it can save a child from being abused, it can save our coming generations.

Anticlock Films wants this project to be a completely independent, community endeavor free from studio criteria like star-power and opening weekend sales. This is a movement towards cinema that has content- entertains by way of enriching oneself.

Your support (monetary contributions or otherwise) will help them realize this goal. To that end, they've established three different ways to help:

• Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000 – Acknowledgements in the end credits( Treated as donation/pledge)

• Rs 25,000 to Rs 100,000 – Return of your contribution at the time of the final film release and acknowledgement in the end credits

• Rs 100,000 to Rs 15,00,000 – Acknowledgements in the beginning titles as co producers of the film and proportionate share in the profits.

• Rs 1000 to Rs 5000- Students category. Give up one weekend at a night club and support a film with a cause. Acknowledgement on website/ blogs/DVD booklet

Cheques to be made for Anticlock films

And sent to :
MUMBAI 4000 61

P.S: Everyone of us can do something to save Abhimanyu's and Amols of our Life ... How we stood for Child Labour, lets stand together against "Child Abuse" and Support the cause.

- Aarambhh M Singh

CATch Me If you can!

CATch me If you can!

‘Meow.. Meow!’ was what one heard for the entire day of a shoot after a long time. Truly speaking, Cats are not that common found in households in Bangalore. Hardly one gets to see a cat on the road or at some houses. But, thanks to Yasmin and JP who own (I would rather say are more like dotting parents) to a dozen of cats, that we used as much as 5 cats from their side for our film, Abhimanyu.
Cats were of different colors, very soft and also very cute.
I remember Onir saying this to me;
One thing I don’t like are cats. I don’t know how will I shoot with them.
And now, at the end of the shoot that he directed a few cats, all you can hear him saying,
I wish I could have them as my pet. I love cats.
Hmm…! Onir getting very Catty! Lol!!!
Let me add here that, as using an animal in the film we need to have a trained animal. And one Bollywood Cat (Mumbai se) was brought to Bangalore for a shoot. But, that cat was so unfriendly and ferocious that it actually scratched our DOP Arvind Kamnnabiran’s arm. And was not at all co-operative in giving the shot. It was just running from one place to another. The cat trainer, himself could not help us out. The cat was actually making us round around and was giving us the directions; CAT me if you can!
With Onir directing some lovely cats in the film (who make their debute), the 4th day of the shoot went meow.. meow…fully!

Sundeep Malani

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mom’s Love is so wonderful!

Mom’s Love is so wonderful!

We have already seen and applauded for her performance as a mother who was so caring for her blind and mute child. I am referring to the talented Shernaz Patil. She played a wonderful mother on screen to Rani in Black.
Now, you will witness her playing mother again to Abhimanyu in Onir’s film that deals with child sex abuse.
Shooting in Bangalore at Shankara Art Foundation, it was indeed pleasure to watch the lady in White, showering her love to her child. Not revealing anything on the sequence, the performance of Shernaz Patil is worth again to stand and applaud.
If we have been saying this; God’s love is so wonderful! Then, with what one will witness Shernaz’s performance – one can say, Mom’s love is so wonderful!With a sequence featuring her and other costars in the film, the 3rd day of the shoot Abhimanyu went of successfully.

Sundeep Malani

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bojhal Se Lamhon ki Shaam Hai....

Bojhal Se Lamhon Ki Shaam Hai...
Khali Khali in Ankhon Main..

Yes.. Make sure you practice this lyrics, which will be for sure in everyone's lips soon, when the audio track of the film is out. Its such a melodious number, that gives one a high time.
Onir shot this song on Sanjay Suri at a Bungalow in Bangalore today.
While it was being shot, Onir used to say; MUSIC and it wasn't very clear to hear for the Nagara recordists who was at a distance to start. And I was on to his side to scream, SOUND! and then the song was being played. Listening to the lyrics.. its so mesmerizing that, at times when Onir said CUT.. ... and I wasn't passing on my voice to the recordists to say CUT... Such was the impact of the song!
Well, after the track from My Brother Nikhil (Le Chale.. Le Chale)... all you guys, watch out and wait to hear 'Bojhal Se Lamhon ki Shaam Hai....' which for sure, will be the Song for demand in radios, music channels etc.
With the picturisation of the song and various scenes at Kormangala, Bangalore the shoot for day 2 went successfully.

Sundeep Malani

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Contributor Testimonial - Damini and Raaj

Here's what Damini and Raaj have to say about "how the got to know about Abhimanyu and what made them contribute"

we learnt about the project from the papers... and since we know of Onir and his work we were certain the money would be put to the best use... and its our privilege to be part of a project with a heart and soul... can't think of a better use for our money...

Abhimanyu took off!

Whats NEW?

Well.. FB friends.. its nothing but ABHIMANEW (Abhimanyu)

Yep.. Finally after a couple of months of wait, today (July 20th) Onir’s flight I AM took off with the crew Abhimanyu that landed in Bangalore. Perfect Planning, Blocks locked, Settings done a day earlier, Everything was set and then, today Abhimanyu rolled smoothly and successful completed its day 1.

The crew that boarded included Onir, Sanjay Suri, Radhika Apte, Arvind Kannabiran, Mohan Joshi, Amar Kaushik, Akhil Chaudhary, Sundeep Malani, Bal Gopal, Bianca Saldanha, Elton Fernandez, Sujith, Archna Balan, Nikhil, Murli, Govind amongst others. With couple of scenes that got canned today, the film is progressing fine.

Well, I got back home and just relaxed for some time, and went on to my Facebook chat, when a pop up came, Hey Sandy, Whats new? Hmm.. Well.. what else but Abhimanyu…!

Catch ye later with more information and details for tomorrow, until then Meaowww!

Sundeep Malani

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wilson College’s Media Festival Polaris 2009 adopts Abhimanyu

I was invited on Saturday, 18 July 2009 to judge one of the events at Wilson College’s media festival, the same festival that I had chief guested last year. It was a warm feeling to come back. Sitting in the guest relations room, I thought of sharing with them the idea of college festivals adopting Abhimanyu. The students readily agreed . They screened the "I Am Abhimanyu" movie and gave me an opportunity to speak to the young and energetic audience from different city colleges about Abhimanyu and Child Sexual Abuse.

I don't even know if they are aware of the magnificent change that they would be bringing about to lives of closeted victims who are muted to the joys of life, those who make friends with pain by simply facilitating a dialogue.

Hail Wilson! Hail Wilsonians!

Yours :)
Harish Iyer

Attached is a heart-warming note by Sukruti Staneley (a Mass Media Student) , PR head of Polaris 2009

"In a world filled with a plethora of sadness and misery, there are only a handful of people who manage to step out of their agonising misfortune and turn it into a windfall. Such is the story of a child abuse survivor inspired by the true story of Harish Iyer and his struggle to reclaim his own shattered identity after 11 long years of abuse. This July, the Wilson College BMM Department, spoke to Harish Iyer and not only realized the intense depth of this unexplored issue, but has also adopted the short film – Abhimanyu. We as a team are looking to support this cause in a way that makes a difference and holds no barriers to publicize our stand on this issue with Harish Iyer, the Abhimanyu team and the sponsors from all over the world. Being media students, we have realized the true weight of the role we play in society today and how we can truly stir hearts across the world through a simple act of telling your story through a film. The difference you can make is incredible and it is an honor to be a part of the people who make the difference. We have not only been encouraged to tell others’ stories but have also been urged to come out with our own. Polaris OIX this year stands up to fight for this cause of putting an end to child abuse and also helping those who are shattered by this tribulation to stand up once again, storing and independent. We also encourage the youth all over the country and colleges to join us as we stand for this cause, together we can make a difference. Let us support this effort and take it ahead to accomplish its goal"
Sukruti Staneley
Wilson College, BMM

Polaris OIX – PR Head

Picture of the screening at Wilson College.

You could also get your college/ College Festival to adopt Abhimanyu. You could screen the "I am Abhimanyu" or "Abhimanyu promo" Film and shoot us an email with the photograph clearly showing the screening. Or Just Drop in a comment or write to us at to know more.

Shooting for Abhimanyu Begins

When 7 Co-Producers/34 Co -Owners/ 30 Volunteers from 17 Cities across the globe come together for something they truely believe in, MAGIC happens

This is to share with all you lovely people out there, who have been contributing, volunteering, spreading the word for us, talking to us on blogs, facebook, twitter and elsewhere on the web and off it .

We begin the journey of I AM with the shooting of ABHIMANYU tomorrow in Bangalore.

Here's the cast of ABHIMANYU, for the FIRST TIME..





We'd like to thank everyone of you from bottom of our hearts for your love and support:)

Abhimanyu needs more love from you, stay there and help him in his journey....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Submit details to get Tax Benefit Receipts

Hi All,

As shared with you earlier all the donations for Abhimanyu in INR can avail tax benefits. In order to get tax benefit receipts for the same please send us the following.

1) Complete Name and Address
2) Pan Number

You can send these details to anticlockfilms AT gmail DOT com.

PS: Tax benefits are only applicable to donations(non-refundable)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanks Damini for contributing and co-owning Abhimanyu

Just wanted to update you all that we've got another contribution from Mumbai's Damini. Damini's contribution falls in the Rs 1,00,000 - Rs 15,00,000 category.

Thanks a lot Damini for believing in us and coming forward to show support.

Updated list of contributors:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ranadeep, Judhajit, Amol, Kiran and Sagar Co-Own Abhimanyu by Making the "I Am Abhimanyu" Video

Onir and Team Abhimanyu thanks the makers of this video.

While you continue to own abhimanyu by contributing financially, we would like to bring to your notice that you could Co-Own Abhimanyu in different other ways... By making an Appeal Video, by blogging about Abhimanyu or by simply speaking about Abhimanyu and the initiative at different forums.

Are you a student??? You could make announcements about Abhimanyu during your college festival. and ask us for promotional material like this video that you could play in your campus... and thereby get your college festival to own Abhimanyu...

Be sure to send us the pictures taken during the screening/ links of your blogs/ Gatherings which clearly shows the video/activity, So that we can acknowledge the same in our official online spaces.

Abhimanyu could be anybody... Your Child, Your friend or You... Just stand up for him. We Invite you to Co-Own Abhimanyu. Co Own the film.

Contributor Testimonial - Hiyaa Aashish Israni

Hiyaa on how she got to know about Abhimanyu and what made her contribute

Why I contributed to Abhimanyu...well...the reasons are personal first and then the social cause comes up.

I met Onir at Sanjay's place a couple of years ago. He and Sanjay (who is my cousin) had just completed 'My Brother Nikhil' and we got chatting. I probably now exchange more news with Onir than Sanju though it is mostly online. I have been assisted by Sanjay when I needed assistance really badly (Thank you Sanju, it meant a lot) and he is such a gem of a person. I wish I could do more but I am starting with what I can. They both are making films that do have a reason for being there. I feel both of them are worthy of more recognition than what they get. I am a huge fan of both of these wonderful people and I am so glad to know they are making films that do leave a mark on the audience. It makes me think of them as doing their bit for humanity in their own way.

Why shouldn't I be a part of it? Guys, I am really proud of you both! I hope to contribute to your other ventures too and I hope the amounts get bigger and better. Social issues in India are a hush. Incest, abuse, rapes...these are a few of the things our citizens like to sweep under the carpet and pretend it doesn't exist. It does exist and every 6th person one knows has actually, in his or her own lifetime been through it. Yes...these five films are something I will definitely be a part of...and more projects thereafter. I sure am in !!!

I encourage others to do their bit...every little assistance counts.

You can read testimonials by other contributors at

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Early this year I bumped into my friend Rima Kohli at Prithivi Theatre, Juhu, Mumbai. It is always fun to meet Rima who I always remember for the wonderful time I had with her in DC and New York. The hours we spent walking around Manhattan discovering the city were full of stories. Rima for me is this amazing energetic girl who is travelling across the world working on various NGO projects. I am always jealous of the kind of work she does and the places she goes to. Currently she is working with women in AFGANISTHAN.

So meeting her for me is always a pleasurable experience as I listen to her stories and imagine myself doing all those amazing thins some day. Meeting her was unexpected. I did not know she was back from New York and currently in Mumbai. After the exclamation of joy and hugs Rima started to talk.... and this time it was another story...

For two hours I was listening to her speech less, I could see a film unfold in front of my eyes. That night I could not sleep. This was a story that was exciting. Next day I called her. I told her I want to make a film inspired from her story and for that I needed to meet her again. I needed more details. She said YES!

Thus AFIA was born. AFIA in Arabic means vigour, vitality, Divine protection and fire.

AFIA is the story of a girl who returns from her training in Switzerland and starts working in the NGO sector. She discovers hugs misappropriation of funds and to her horror discovers everyone around her right to the white boss in Switzerland is connected.

A huge amount of money comes in every year from across the world into this sector. A large chunk of it however never reaches its destination. This film talks about an area that not too many people are aware of but pretty common. This flm asks for accountability.

AFIA will be shot in MUMBAI and DELHI. After “TERE BIN” in “BAS EK PAL” Mithoon and I will once again work together.


Pics from Onir's Symbiosis Pune Trip

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thanks Imtiaz Punjabi for contributing and co-owning Abhimanyu

Just wanted to update you all that we've got another contribution from Mumbai's Imtiaz Punjabi. Imtiaz's contribution falls in the Rs 1,00,000 - Rs 15,00,000 category.

Thanks a lot Imtiaz for believing in us and coming forward to show support.

Updated list of contributors:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thanks Sitaram Shah for contributing and co-owning Abhimanyu

Just wanted to update you all that we've got another contribution from Florida's Sitaram Shah . Sitaram's contribution falls in the Rs 1,00,000 - Rs 15,00,000 category.

Thanks a lot Sitaram for believing in us and coming forward to show support.

Updated list of contributors:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thanks Anubhav Ramesh Khandelwal for contributing and co-owning Abhimanyu

Just wanted to update you all that we've got another contribution from California's Anubhav Ramesh Khandelwal . Anubhav's contribution falls in the Rs 1,00,000 - Rs 15,00,000 category.

Thanks a lot Anubhav for believing in us and coming forward to show support.

Updated list of contributors:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thanks Deepak Rathi for contributing and co-owning Abhimanyu

Just wanted to update you all that we've got another contribution from Deepak Rathi. Deepak's contribution falls in the Rs 1,00,000 - Rs 15,00,000 category.

Thanks a lot Deepak for believing in us and coming forward to show support.

Updated list of contributors:

Support Abhimanyu by Sponsoring/Co-Sponsoring it

If you were thinking the only way to contribute to Abhimanyu is by contributing money, then guess what ? It isn't.

Co-owning Abhimanyu by contributing is one of the many ways, others being volunteering to take up a part which isn't being taken by anyone. That's not it, you can also help us during our shooting by sponsoring or part-sponsoring something. Just like Jayant Kumar did.

Jayant Kumar from Bangalore has sponsored food for 25 people at the shoot for two days. We also found a kind person in Abhishek Dhar who has offered us his spare car during the shooting

Yes, these are some of the options in which you can help.

So if you want to support Abhimanyu. You too can do by say

Sponsering food for a unit of 50/( costs about 7500) or loaning your spare car for five days.

We have high hopes from people of Bangalore and would love to see you guys come forward and lend a helping hand

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


2ND JULY 2009 will perhaps remain a landmark day for Human rights activists in India. This is the first time a court as senior as the Delhi High Court has given a decision on homosexuality. A ruling that dismissed Article 377 that criminalised consensual sex between two adults. The Gay community across the country celebrated as they no longer would be considered as criminals because of their identity.

Of course there is noise made from certain religious quarters.... This being against our culture and how this is going to destroy our social fabric and what is going to happen to procreation. I wonder what is it in our culture to keep killing each other for temples and mosques, is it in our culture that children get sexually abused, is it our culture to beat up women having a quiet drink at a pub, it is our culture to unzip and pee all over the country, is it our culture to shit in public.... I feel angry.

Culturally and in different forms of animal and plant life homosexuality has existed from time immemorial. Also the argument about procreation is so stupid. As if the entire heterosexual population is overnight change their sexual preferences because the law is no longer valid!
In this new scenario what’s the significance of OMAR. Omar is a film that incorporates this important historical day in the script. Omar is a story of fear and acceptance and a desire to love freely. Even though homosexuality has been decriminalised, society will not overnight accept Gay men and women with open arms. There are laws against Dowry and Child labour.... we all know the true story.

The change in law will be a positive step towards respect and acceptance.... but it’s a long journey. Omar as a film wants to create a space for discourse and acceptance.
The other day someone commented “The Gay community must be happy”. I told him “ Any civilised human being should be happy”

With this I introduce you the young talented actor who will be OMAR. Saahiel Sehgall.

While The ABHIMANYU team leaves for Bangalore for the shoot on 16th July.... Contribute and become a part of OMAR which we plan to shoot in Mumbai august 2009.

- Onir

Contributor Testimonial - Valentina Erath

Valentina on how she got to know about Abhimanyu and what made her contribute


I read the article about the project "Abhimanyu" in a german Bollywood Magazin called "ISHQ".
Being interested i wrote an enquiry to the said e-mail adress and Onir was so kindly and send me further information about "Abhimanyu".
I never thought that it might be possible for "normal" people to be a contributor and co-owner of such a Bollywood-film. I think the subject of this project is a very sensitive one - also here in Europa/Austria.

There have been several cases like the story of "Natascha Kampusch" and the story of the "Fritzl-Family" which are the worst i have ever heard. So i think "Abhimanyu" should be also be on screens in Austria.

Another case is that i like the films of Bollywood very much because they show all what in Hollywood films is missing. And another case is that the name "Abhimanyu" has been the steppingstone for the career of Shahrukh Khan as he played a character called "Abhimanyu" in the TV-Series "Fauji".
I think you should ask him also to contribute this project (no - not for money but even for a cameo) - i think he didn't know actually about "Abhimanyu". - i furtheron think that he should be involved somehow in "MEGHA" because he often playd with Juhi Chawla in his films and they go well together ("Darr" "One2Ka4" "Paheli" "Ram Jane" "Yes Boss" , ...). - and moreover
Shahrukh Khan is original Pathan !!!

So you can see that there are many reasons to contribute this project.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Thanks Shubhradeep and Shruti for contributing and co-owning Abhimanyu

Just wanted to update you all that we've got another contribution from Shruti swaroop and Shubhradeep Guha(London). Shruti and Shubhradeep's contribution falls in the Rs 1,00,000 - Rs 15,00,000 category.

Thanks Shubhradeep and Shruti for believing in us and coming forward to show support.

Updated list of contributors:

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Onir in Symbiosis Pune to present Abhimanyu

Guys here's your chance to catch up with Onir and get to see some nice short films. Here's the official announcement

Aarohi Film Society, a non commercial organization for the promotion of cinema and talent, was established in June 2007. A registered organization with a member base of more than 500 filmmakers, it is headed by 7 core founding members.

Aarohi Youth Empowerment Campaign "The Showcase"
Aarohi Film Society aims to empower youth through cinema. To generate awareness on the social issues prevailing in our society, we have designed a screening program called 'The Showcase', where short films based on social issues will be screened in colleges, film clubs and schools across India.Thus, striving to make the youth understand their responsibilities towards the society.

Along with the screening of short fims of Aarohi, we will discuss the series of short films to be directed by renowned and critically acclaimed director, Onir. One such film is 'Abhimanyu'.


Abhimanyu is the story of a child abuse survivor inspired by the true story of Harish Iyer and his struggle to reclaim his own shattered identity after 11 long years of abuse.

In India, one out of every five girls and one out of ten boys face some form of physical or psychological abuse. Sadly, most of these incidents are never reported and innocent victims are forced to suffer in silence. The brave few that do come forward are woefully underserved by a society that prefers to look away and a legal system that doesn’t care.

Aarohi and Onir believe that independent cinema exists to give a voice to those working against the tide and outside the system. ABHIMANYU is one of five short films directed by Onir to tackle important issues ignored by mainstream Indian cinema. The idea is to release each film for educational/awareness/festival purposes and eventually compile all five short films into one release for general audiences.

Students will also get an opportunity to interact with Film Director Onir. At the same time, Onir will also be discussing with students, his new series of short films, the thought behind the entire cause and the opportunity/methodology of becoming a co producer of the film.

Venue: Symbiosis, Pune

1) Viman Nagar Campus
Time : 3:30 pm onwards
2) Knowledge Village, Lavale Campus
Time: 6:30 pm Onwards
Schedule: for both the campus:
  • Felicitation of Guests.
  • Introduction of the Chief Guest, Onir and a brief on Onir's series of Shorts.
  • Brief of Aarohi and ‘The Showcase’- Youth Empowerment Campaign.
  • Screening of films and interaction with the film makers, if present.
  • Post Aarohi Screenings, Onir and the series of shorts is reintroduced briefly followed by Abhimanyu AV screening, and Onir Speaks - Details about 'Abhimanyu', the complete series, the AV, the opportunity of becoming a co producer and student Interaction on the overall issue.

Films to be screened:
Name Of The Movie Duration
Ad Films
NACO 39 secs
The Chair 31 secs
Tiger 58 secs

Short Films

Pistuyla 14 mins 57 secs
The Candy Man 10 mins 19 secs
Cheque Of Death 3 mins 15 secs
Kaun Azaad Hua 3 mins 2 secs

Influenche 4 min, 42 secs
Kya Farkh Padta Hai 5 min, 53 secs
Dolly And Me 50 secs
Fuel And Duel 2 mins, 40 secs

Campus 1 -
Total shorts
screenings time - 45 minutes.
Event begins 3:30 pm.
Ends 5:15 pm

We travel to Campus 2 - 5:30pm to 6:15pm

Campus 2 -
Total shorts
screenings time - 45 minutes.
Event begins 6:45 pm.
Ends 8:30 pm

Arpan (NGO from Mumbai) joins hands with Abhimanyu

If you have the belief to choose your road, If you have the courage to stay on it,
If you have the conviction to surmount the rough stretches, If you do.... you will find that the road begins to follow you

read's the email signature of Pooja Taparia, Founder - CEO of Arpan, and seems like the road has truely began to follow. Arpan is a registered organization based in Mumbai with a mission to Prevent the occurrence of Child Sexual Abuse and heal those who have been affected by it.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that after partnering with Tulhir and Enfold, Abhimanyu has now a new partner in Arpan. Arpan since its inception in 2003, has been working towards their goal by undertaking lots of activities including
  • Spreading Awareness amongst various stakeholders of children; parents, teachers, NGO Professionals and staff to provide them with prevention and intervention skills.
  • Teaching Personal Safety skills to children in schools so that they can protect themselves from sexual abuse
  • Healing child victims and adult survivors through counseling and therapy so that they are able to heal and live beyond the trauma of their abuse with the dignity they have a right to
  • Building practitioner capability to deal with Child Sexual Abuse cases to facilitate better healing of victims and survivors

Here's a nice video by Arpan to bring home their point.

Many Thanks to Arpan for partnering with us and offering support.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wishes Wall

Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for your response for our series of short films, especially Abhimanyu and Omar. We've been constantly receiving your support messages and encouragements both online and offline and to say we are touched would be an understatement. Incase you've missed or you want to pat our backs again, we are starting a wishes wall where you can leave your wishes for the films and the team.

If you have a message for us, drop a comment. Every message counts. Thanks