Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Radhika Apte on Abhimanyu

Till now we've shared testimonials from 'I AM' team members so this will our first testimonial from the film cast.

Here's what Radhika Apte had to say

Everyday we keep on hearing about cases in which children are treated in the most insensitive way possible. And even though we've almost completed a decade in the 21st century, cases like these make me wonder whether as a nation we have done enough for these innocent souls, who are in fact our future. We talk a lot about the new face of India, but there are many children today who have to bear the brunt of cruel situations and consequently they unwillingly fall prey to the harsh treatment meted out to them by people who are more powerful. It's a very disturbing thought, and I am really glad that Onir decided to make a film based around that. We know how he has handled sensitive topics earlier, and 'I Am Abhimanyu' is no different. The film will not only present a beautiful human story, but it will compel you to think about the situation. And I say this because it made me think so. There is lot of heart in this film, and that is what we intended to bring out too - a lot of heart. Working with Onir and Sanjay Suri was a great experience, and more importantly, it was a wonderful journey, which is what makes this film very special. I would like everyone to watch this film, and I am sure you will experience the same.

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