Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Team Abhimanyu

The following would be crew for Abhimanyu

Director : Onir

Producer : Sanjay Suri and Onir

Story Screen Play : Merle Kroeger and Onir

DOP : Arvind Kannabiran

Dialogues : Ashwini Malik

Music : Rajiiv Bhallla

Lyrics :Amitabh Varma

Editing : Irene Dhar Malik

Sound Design : Arun Nambiar

Production Design: Sriram Sujeet

Publicity Design : Siddharth Dutta

Graphics : Sidharth Meer

Online Marketing : Mayank Dhingra

Overseas PR:
Manan Singh Katohora

Making of Abhimanyu :
Rajeev Kohli

Asst Dir : Amar Kaushik
: Sundeep Malani
: Ashif Shah(Nepal)

Production Manager: Mohan Joshi

Production Assistant: Akhil Chaudhary

Line Producer: Archana Balan

Styling: Aki Narula

So guys, what do you think about the team ?


  1. Am proud to have such a lovely team...thank you all

  2. It feels great to be in such brilliant company. I have already learnt a lot.

    Thanks for having me as a part of your team :)

  3. our team reunite.......
    we will do our best to make you proud on us.

  4. ONIR, You will definately have more feathers in your cap!
    these films will take Bollywood to a different platform!
    Proud of being in the team.
    Anticlock films ROCK!!!

  5. superb Onir,

    main akela hi chala tha jaanib-e-manzil magar
    log saath aate gaye aur kaarwaa.n badhta gaya

    is what i would say at this point in time ;-)

    all the best to our whole team and may we come out with a result which sets an example for the world that films can be made this way too...