Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sidharth Meer Volunteers to do "Opening and Closing Titles"

Around the same time that Rajeev volunteered to do "Making of Abhimanyu", Sidharth Meer offered to make the "Opening and Closing Titles" for the film. Here's what Sidharth had to say(as it is) about what made him volunteer

My reasons for working on Abhimanyu are varied.

1. I worked with Onir first on Sorry Bhai. I did the opening and closing titles for that film. It was probably one of the best working relationships I've had with anyone from the indian film industry. Having a chance to work with him again is not something I would want to miss out on.

2. I also happen to be in a transition phase. I recently spent the first 4 months of the year in Los Angeles, working on my motion graphics and visual effects skills with some of the best artists in Hollywood. Currently I am working on a brand new reel and website and this gives me an opportunity to have a good piece to add to it.

3. Not really relevant but my brothers name is Abhimanyu.


Thanks a lot Sidharth for lending a helping hand !! You can find more about Sidharth's work here

You too can volunteer for Abhimanyu. To discuss, drop an email to

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  1. Hey Sid... welcome to the ABHIMANYU team. It is good to have you onboard once again .

    Really appreciate your support. Lets catch up soon ....

    - Onir