Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Introducing Omar

tells the story of how because of fear of society and law Gay men very often get blackmailed and are scared to do anything about it. This film is based on real life stories and incidences. It questions the law and a society where the concern should be addressing the deep and growing violence in society but decides to all up in arms against an expression of adult consensual love.

We believe that independent cinema exists to give a voice to those working against the tide and outside the system. OMAR is one of five short films directed by Onir to tackle important issues ignored by mainstream Indian cinema. Our idea is to release each film for educational/awareness/festival purposes and eventually compile all five short films into one release for the general audiences.

These topics are too important to let slide into the shadows. We at Anticlock Films call upon individuals, corporate houses, and NGOs who share in our indignation to join our cause in shedding light upon such daily tragedies. We want this project to be a completely independent, community endeavor free from studio criteria like star-power and opening weekend sales. This is a movement towards cinema that has content- entertains by way of enriching oneself.

We at ANTICLOCK FILMS offer you an opportunity to be a part of a process of the making of a film, to be a part owner of a film. You can do this my contributing monetarily for the making of the film. To that end, we’ve established three different ways to help:

Rs 1,000 to Rs 25,000 Acknowledgements in the end credits( Treated as donation/pledge)

Rs 25,000 to Rs 100,000 Return of your contribution at the time of the final film release and acknowledgement in the end credits

Rs 100,000 to Rs 15,00,000 Acknowledgements in the beginning titles of the film and proportionate share in the profits.

Total budget of each short film is – Rs 30,000,00 (Rupees thirty lacs)

Funds in Place by Anticlock Films – Rs 15,000,00 (Rupees fifteen lacs)

Please spread word and help support a film that wants to make a difference. Thank you.

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