Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bianca Saldanha Joins Team 'I AM'

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In the mad rush of work we missed updating you about another member that joined team 'I AM', but better late than never.

Here's what Bianca had to say about how she got involved

I came to Bombay just 10 days before I joined Anticlock films and all the while I was playing safe trying to look for editing gigs. A lot of people I met from the industry discouraged me from looking for work on a film production set saying I wouldn’t be able to pull it off due to the hard work and long hours. I don’t know if they were being sexist or plain nice, but having just graduated from film school, I was no stranger to working the graveyard shift. Weekends were always few and far between. I once worked non-stop for 37 hours on my student film, doing what I love, while never letting anything weigh me down.

And so in my pursuit of achieving my goals, an aunt of mine got me in touch with her best friend – Aunt Indu (Purab Kohli’s mother) – who is a friend of Onir’s. She forwarded a copy of my resumé to Onir and I ended up meeting him at his office the following day. A script reading, a few discussions with Amar and Onir, and I was on. I joined the “Abhimanyu” bandwagon just 10 days before we went into production, and what a ride it has been since then! All of this took a while to sink in but I think it actually hit me on my first day on the sets of Abhimanyu when I was seeing what I had been dreaming of for the longest time. And that is being on set - of a film in the making; of dreams materializing.

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be selected to be part of this team and their projects. No, I’m not about to lay it on thick, but all I will say is during the entire time of my study in Toronto, the only hindi film I actually sought out to buy and watch was Sorry Bhai!, and only because it was made by Onir. Well, you didn’t know that Onir, but I guess, now u do!

What with the Abhimanyu shoot just being wrapped up, and Omar almost close on the heels, all I can say is that working with Onir, Sanjay Suri and everyone else at Anticlock films has been my most amazing work experience by far! And with Megha, Afia and Rudra left to round off this 5 short film series, I’m only looking forward to making more memories!

Bianca Saldanha

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