Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hi Guys,

We've got an interesting opportunity for Delhi/Kashmir based actors for Onir's upcoming short film "AFIA", which is third short film in the five film series. Here are the requirements, those interested should get in touch ASAP as Onir would be in Delhi tomorrow and might just meet the actors.

  • Boy(19-23)... Fluent in english n hindi/ has to be Kashmiri/ boyish/ profile of character... works in a call centre.
  • Boy(24-27).... Lanky kashmiri/ bony/ deep set eyes/ can look haggard/ fragile.. ex- millitant/ suffering from Trauma.
  • Swiss/German man(45-55), heads an NGO/ suave/enigmatic/ attractive
  • Lady(25-28) delhi girl/ works in switzerland with an NGO/ sophisticated...mother of 4 year old/well educated and well spoken in Hindi n English.

If you or any one you know fits the bill, write to us on

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