Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Making of Abhimanyu - IV

Casting for Kids!

Onir needed 4 kids for the film of different ages to play the younger versions of Abhimanyu. And he was interested in casting local Bangalore talents for the kid’s role, with the condition that the kids should speak Hindi fluently. What next? Destination – Nalini Ratnam! She handles the artist management in Bangalore.
Well, when Nalini and Onir met, there was this positiveness from both the side, both got the feeling that – things would work out for the best.
Yep! Onir narrated the subject to Nalini and she understood what Onir wanted. Immediately she put up a list of photographs on her laptop – that Onir had to chose upon. Could see the sparkle in Onir’s eye, as he could visualize his Abhimanyu’s amongst those kids.
One o one for the different ages, Nalini later sent the pics to Onir and he later short listed a few of them.
That’s when, Onir had some relief in adjusting his budget, coz if the kids were brought from Mumbai, then the parents had to be accompanied as well, and then their stay, their to and fro.. would add up to the budget.
Having kids here in Bangalore, worked out in favor for Onir.
What next, Onir and the DOP left back to Mumbai to return back to Bangalore soon.

Meantime, the kids which were shortlisted from Nalini Ratnam, were auditioned with their script lines given to them. As many as 10 kids and a few teens were auditioned, sent it to Onir and from there came the Result – These are the right choice, Baby.. Ahaa!

More on Nalini Ratnam and the Kids in the next....(to be continued)

Sundeep Malani

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