Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Making of ABHIMANYU - III

Reece again!

So, as the Production Manager was not upto the mark, our DOP got someone whom he knew to help us around in getting some good locations and also help in the shooting process. And, Pradeep Belawadi, the theater person came into the picture. He showed us some huge houses/bungalows in the outskirts of the city and couple of other locations. But I guess... yet, the right and the exact look which Onir wanted were not yet viewed by his eye. And then, through some contacts of Onir and Arvind, came across Archna Balan, who was very much vibrant and read Onir's eye. His view, his vision.. was very clear to Archna. She did show a bungalow at Koramangala to us.. which was exactly what Onir had it in his mind.
Lemme add here that - If not for this Bungalow that finally got selected/shot.. I m sure Onir wouldn't have been happy much as he had expected it to be.
So, we locked upon the house at Koramangala.
Also got the Shankara Foundation at Kanakapura Road.
I could have my friend Ricky Kej give his editing Studio for the shoot.
We zeroed on a Discotheque at Brigade Road too.

And what Onir liked the most, was the Coffee shop... the one at the heart of the city @ MG Road.. Koshy's which he was very keen upon. But unfortunately, with whatever sources we used, met the proprietor and also tried all the influences.. Koshy could not be part of the Abhimanyu shoot. Instead, it was Mohan Joshi (Anticlock Films) who tried his charm and his way of speech to convince the Manager of the Coffee Day at Brigade Road to shoot by paying them their rentals.

The Reece finally was all locked with Onir finding his proper locations.
With being finalized as the locations, Onir then moved on to hunt for his starcast.. The important characters in the film - The child artists. And that's when; we got Nalini Ratnam at our rescue.

…to be continued

Sundeep Malani

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