Monday, June 1, 2009

Mayank Dhingra to do "Online Marketing" for Abhimanyu

A couple of weeks back we had another addition to the Abhimanyu Team in form of Mayank Dhingra from Delhi. Mayank will be taking care of film's Online Marketing. Here's his testimonial for the same:

I have been in touch with Onir(on facebook and email) since I saw "Sorry Bhai". I loved the film for it's story and depiction of complexities of relationships. Onir was easily approachable and friendly which I really liked.

One fine day while surfing Facebook, I saw some activity about "Abhimanyu" and it immediately caught my attention. I loved the whole concept of co-owning a film and the socially relevant subjects of short stories further convinced me that I should be a part of the project. Being an online marketer I thought offering my services would be the best way to contribute and here I am.

My best wishes to the Abhimanyu Team

Mayank Dhingra blogs about Social Media and Marketing here, you can find out more about his work here . You can connect with Mayank on Facebook here

Thanks Mayank for being a part of the Abhimanyu Team.

You too can volunteer for Abhimanyu. To discuss, drop an email to


  1. am amazed at the energy you have... are you always online :)

  2. My energy is fuelled by the passion and commitment I see in you and other team members of Abhimanyu.

    Mostly :)