Saturday, June 6, 2009

Akhil Chaudhary joins Abhimanyu Team as Production Assistant

Guys, we have another addition to our team. Akhil Chaudhary from Mumbai joins the Abhimanyu Team as a Production Assitant. Here's what Akhil had to say about the "why and how" of joining Abhimanyu.

I completed my film course from NewZealand and came back to Mumbai in January. Then in this month only I contacted Onir at Facebook and asked him if there's any work. Very humbly he asked me to mail him my CV. I did that and then suddenly the next day he called me for a meeting. So I came all prepared. Onir told me what is Abhimanyu all about and i immediately requested him to put me on board.

I wanted to learn from Onir and I was excited to join a group who has made some good sensible films. My main motive is to work with a good team and learn the aspects of filmaking. So Onir told me to join the production team and here I am working as an Production assistant. I am thankful to Onir who gave me this chance and I would put in my best efforts to make Abhimanyu a strong film.
You can connect with Akhil on Facebook here

Welcome Akhil to the Abhimanyu Team.

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