Friday, June 19, 2009

What about me ?

The story of a little boy, who goes through hell,
With no memories of when he fell.
Tear in his eye and a fear behind,
Knocked to the ground and pushed around.

Scuffles and muffles for a need to survive
With pain and sorrow left as a desire.
Enough is enough all that he says
Makes up his mind, to dream his desire.

A query for Him and the world around him,
With a wait for his share, of a better fair.
He asks himself and the world around him

What about me?
What about me? - Ganesh Nallari

Some stories are told…and some left untold. To fearlessly tell an untold story needs a lot of courage and determination. Its time to break the silence and speak up to create awareness about child abuse.

After knowing Onir and his sensitivity towards cinema, I am sure all the Abhimanyu’s around us will find a new direction in Life.

It's an honor to be a part of this cause and request everyone to contribute generously for the making of Abhimanyu .

Ganesh is a contributor/co-owner of Abhimanyu and has been an inspiration for Abhimanyu's script. You can find more about Ganesh here

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