Monday, June 29, 2009


Just returned from Bangalore after having completed the reccee for ABHIMANYU. We were looking at different locations where the images in my mind would finally have to take form. It’s a difficult task at time.... The mind is wild, it’s free to think to imagine and to desire. But then reality bites. I have to reconsider according to the budget, according to convenience in terms of time to travel from one spot to another, money needed to re design something.

Slowly I tame my imagery... careful so that the passion is not tamed.... that cannot be , because that’s the core. So despite the locations not being what my mind’s eye sees, because we cannot afford those.... the mind reshapes the images. And now I am reliving these new images. As I walk around I hum silently “Bhojal se in Lahmon ke Shyam hain.... Khali se in aankhon mein.....” imagining Abhimanyu sing this song rendered by KK and my eyes well with tears. I love this song. Somehow brings memories of “Le Chalein”.

In Bangalore I met Dr. Sangeeta, Enfold(NGO) where i made a startling discovery. My information was that every one out of five girls and every one out of ten boys are sexually abused in India. According to the latest reports The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt of India, Prayas and UNICEF, 2007 reported that out of 12,447 children (hailing from all strata of society), 53% reported sexual abuse. Out of 12,447 children, 21% reported severe sexual abuse.

Do you realise what we are talking about. This abuse is not necessarily happening from adults. A lot of porn is available to young teenage children who very often abuse their younger sibling/neighbours, etc.

Are we so callous that we do not want to acknowledge this? Don’t we want to protect our child. The other day I was wondering ever since I announced this series of films I had had so much support from all of you, but somehow the industry has been silent. No corporate house/financer has show interest. This perhaps reflects the sad state of our films which believes only in escapist cinema. Child abuse is not entertaining. Child abuse does not make a “project”.

ABHIMANYU is a project that wants to show that we all care. I have had many messages saying that we support the cause and cheers. But maybe it means a little sacrifice. Perhaps one night less at a night club.... not much. But that would be a gesture to say I care.... We care.

Leaving you with a line from the song....

".... Samandar yeh udasi ke.... hamein bheego jate hain....”

- Onir

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