Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rajiiv Bhallla joins Abhimanyu Team as Music Director

Rajiiv Bhallla is the newest member in Abhimanyu Team. Rajiiv will be doing music for Abhimanyu. Here's what he had to say about this development

well before meeting onir....!

ive been into composing n producing jingle's.... albums n background score's etc......!

i grew up with the thing in my mind that i have to get into feature a Music director.

i alwayz wanted to be with people who do....quality ....n real cinema!!!!!!! which onir is a master in.

just 1 fine lucky day....i waz surfing my facebook....n just thought of luking for onir's dat i could contact him.

and guess.....wat.....???? our man waz der! so i simply wrote him a message saying "m a music composer n i just need 5mins of urz to play u some of my tunes

plzzzzz reply if possible"

the very next day....the great thing happend to me.....Mr.onir replied with a contact number of Amar....! his astnt dir!!!

n asked me to fix up a meeting,n widout delaying i called........followed up as i waz asked!

it was great meeting onir for the first time....i played my work..he liked the stuff..!!!! n said very gently...dat he liked few tracks n he will get back!

after next few meeting's i got a chance to do ABHIMANYU's i told him any thing would do to start....!

dats how the ABHIMANYU theme was born....!

it has been a great journey while making of ABHIMANYU theme track!

n i really thank....ONIR,SANJAY SURI....n to the whole team for trusting me!

i feel m really lucky to start my first feature film as music director.....with a great team!

i hope that u all will love it! need ur support guyz!


Rajiiv bhallla.

Welcome Rajiiv to the Abhimanyu Team

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