Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Film maker Sundeep Malani from Bangalore Joins Abhimanyu Team

Guys in another interesting development Film maker Sundeep Malani from Bangalore has joined Abhimanyu Team as a volunteer in the direction team. Here' Sundeep's testimonial

I have watched all the 3 films of Onir. And I have immensly liked them. Onir's films touch to the heart. And I always wanted to be a part of his films. As I am a director myself, I thought of approaching him to be his assistant for his future films. Facebook made me easy. I added him, he accepted my request. And since then (say January this year), I have been pushing myself - requesting Onir to give me a chance to be his assistant. He did respond back to me, asking why do I want to be his assistant as I am a director myself (have directed 3 films till date in South). Well, me being a director has nothing to do with not being someone's assistant. Working with someone whose films I have loved, would be my honour. Onir told me to contact him in May.

I made a visit to Mumbai and approached him again, thats when I got to know that - Onir is planning to make 5 films together. What more can I ask for? I loved the idea of all his short subjects. Having known the thread of Abhimanyu and Omar, I am more than happy to be a part of these subjects, that would be definately viewed in an International Platform and would be appreciated, applauded and rewarded in years to come for sure!

Onir's films are for a cause and many of them are grabbing the opportunity to OWN the film. I am blessed that - I am ONE of the luckiest to be with ONIR.
Sundeep Malani

You can connect with Sundeep on facebook here

Thanks Sundeep for coming forward and joining hands for the project.

You too can volunteer for Abhimanyu. To discuss, drop an email to abhimanyu.anticlockfilms@gmail.com


  1. Thanks for your kind comment. Happy to have you in the team and hope this is a memorable experience for you.

  2. Yep... I am happy to be with the team of yours and this wont be a memorable experience for me.. But it would be a Memonirable experience for me!

  3. sandeep bro....all the best to you man.... ;-)