Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bangaloreans gets Branded!

Abhimanyu! It can be your child. It can be you.
Yep. Everyone wanted to get a share of Abhimanyu as everyone loves him. Want to caress him, want to shower their love, blessings on him. Want to own him.
And Bangalore and Bangaloreans got a chance to be with him and own him too!

Abhimanyu got branded by the following names, who have got themselves in some or the other way associated to the project. And as they have done so, Anticlock Films team, Onir and Sanjay Suri thanks all of them, for their whole hearted support.

* Nalini Rathnam for helping in getting the kids, and letting her place for Auditioning
* Archna Balan and her team of Bottle Films (Murali and Nikhil) for taking care of the shoot and voluntarily being the Online Producers.
* Yasmine Claire and Jayaprakash Satyamurthy for lending their cats to be showcased in the film.
* Abhishek Dhar for giving his car for the entire shooting schedule.
* Rreshma Malani for designing costume for Pooja Gandhi.
* Silver R Malani for giving his cycle, toys and kids props for the shoot.
* Ricky Kej for letting us shoot at his Music Editing Studio.
* Viren Khanna for getting in his hi profile guests to be part of the shoot at the Disco Lounge
* Actress Pooja Gandhi for voluntarily accepting the role and being a part of the cause.
* Model Arry Dabas for doing a cameo in the film voluntarily
* Gurudas Kamath, Shylaja Hegde, Ananth Narayan for renting their place for the shoot and lending their full support.
* Press & Media for covering the shooting report.

And all ye Bangaloreans

On Behalf of Anticlock Films & Abhimanyu,
Sundeep Malani

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