Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Support Abhimanyu by Sponsoring/Co-Sponsoring it

If you were thinking the only way to contribute to Abhimanyu is by contributing money, then guess what ? It isn't.

Co-owning Abhimanyu by contributing is one of the many ways, others being volunteering to take up a part which isn't being taken by anyone. That's not it, you can also help us during our shooting by sponsoring or part-sponsoring something. Just like Jayant Kumar did.

Jayant Kumar from Bangalore has sponsored food for 25 people at the shoot for two days. We also found a kind person in Abhishek Dhar who has offered us his spare car during the shooting

Yes, these are some of the options in which you can help.

So if you want to support Abhimanyu. You too can do by say

Sponsering food for a unit of 50/( costs about 7500) or loaning your spare car for five days.

We have high hopes from people of Bangalore and would love to see you guys come forward and lend a helping hand

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