Friday, July 3, 2009

Onir in Symbiosis Pune to present Abhimanyu

Guys here's your chance to catch up with Onir and get to see some nice short films. Here's the official announcement

Aarohi Film Society, a non commercial organization for the promotion of cinema and talent, was established in June 2007. A registered organization with a member base of more than 500 filmmakers, it is headed by 7 core founding members.

Aarohi Youth Empowerment Campaign "The Showcase"
Aarohi Film Society aims to empower youth through cinema. To generate awareness on the social issues prevailing in our society, we have designed a screening program called 'The Showcase', where short films based on social issues will be screened in colleges, film clubs and schools across India.Thus, striving to make the youth understand their responsibilities towards the society.

Along with the screening of short fims of Aarohi, we will discuss the series of short films to be directed by renowned and critically acclaimed director, Onir. One such film is 'Abhimanyu'.


Abhimanyu is the story of a child abuse survivor inspired by the true story of Harish Iyer and his struggle to reclaim his own shattered identity after 11 long years of abuse.

In India, one out of every five girls and one out of ten boys face some form of physical or psychological abuse. Sadly, most of these incidents are never reported and innocent victims are forced to suffer in silence. The brave few that do come forward are woefully underserved by a society that prefers to look away and a legal system that doesn’t care.

Aarohi and Onir believe that independent cinema exists to give a voice to those working against the tide and outside the system. ABHIMANYU is one of five short films directed by Onir to tackle important issues ignored by mainstream Indian cinema. The idea is to release each film for educational/awareness/festival purposes and eventually compile all five short films into one release for general audiences.

Students will also get an opportunity to interact with Film Director Onir. At the same time, Onir will also be discussing with students, his new series of short films, the thought behind the entire cause and the opportunity/methodology of becoming a co producer of the film.

Venue: Symbiosis, Pune

1) Viman Nagar Campus
Time : 3:30 pm onwards
2) Knowledge Village, Lavale Campus
Time: 6:30 pm Onwards
Schedule: for both the campus:
  • Felicitation of Guests.
  • Introduction of the Chief Guest, Onir and a brief on Onir's series of Shorts.
  • Brief of Aarohi and ‘The Showcase’- Youth Empowerment Campaign.
  • Screening of films and interaction with the film makers, if present.
  • Post Aarohi Screenings, Onir and the series of shorts is reintroduced briefly followed by Abhimanyu AV screening, and Onir Speaks - Details about 'Abhimanyu', the complete series, the AV, the opportunity of becoming a co producer and student Interaction on the overall issue.

Films to be screened:
Name Of The Movie Duration
Ad Films
NACO 39 secs
The Chair 31 secs
Tiger 58 secs

Short Films

Pistuyla 14 mins 57 secs
The Candy Man 10 mins 19 secs
Cheque Of Death 3 mins 15 secs
Kaun Azaad Hua 3 mins 2 secs

Influenche 4 min, 42 secs
Kya Farkh Padta Hai 5 min, 53 secs
Dolly And Me 50 secs
Fuel And Duel 2 mins, 40 secs

Campus 1 -
Total shorts
screenings time - 45 minutes.
Event begins 3:30 pm.
Ends 5:15 pm

We travel to Campus 2 - 5:30pm to 6:15pm

Campus 2 -
Total shorts
screenings time - 45 minutes.
Event begins 6:45 pm.
Ends 8:30 pm

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