Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Contributor Testimonial - Valentina Erath

Valentina on how she got to know about Abhimanyu and what made her contribute


I read the article about the project "Abhimanyu" in a german Bollywood Magazin called "ISHQ".
Being interested i wrote an enquiry to the said e-mail adress and Onir was so kindly and send me further information about "Abhimanyu".
I never thought that it might be possible for "normal" people to be a contributor and co-owner of such a Bollywood-film. I think the subject of this project is a very sensitive one - also here in Europa/Austria.

There have been several cases like the story of "Natascha Kampusch" and the story of the "Fritzl-Family" which are the worst i have ever heard. So i think "Abhimanyu" should be also be on screens in Austria.

Another case is that i like the films of Bollywood very much because they show all what in Hollywood films is missing. And another case is that the name "Abhimanyu" has been the steppingstone for the career of Shahrukh Khan as he played a character called "Abhimanyu" in the TV-Series "Fauji".
I think you should ask him also to contribute this project (no - not for money but even for a cameo) - i think he didn't know actually about "Abhimanyu". - i furtheron think that he should be involved somehow in "MEGHA" because he often playd with Juhi Chawla in his films and they go well together ("Darr" "One2Ka4" "Paheli" "Ram Jane" "Yes Boss" , ...). - and moreover
Shahrukh Khan is original Pathan !!!

So you can see that there are many reasons to contribute this project.

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