Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ranadeep, Judhajit, Amol, Kiran and Sagar Co-Own Abhimanyu by Making the "I Am Abhimanyu" Video

Onir and Team Abhimanyu thanks the makers of this video.

While you continue to own abhimanyu by contributing financially, we would like to bring to your notice that you could Co-Own Abhimanyu in different other ways... By making an Appeal Video, by blogging about Abhimanyu or by simply speaking about Abhimanyu and the initiative at different forums.

Are you a student??? You could make announcements about Abhimanyu during your college festival. and ask us for promotional material like this video that you could play in your campus... and thereby get your college festival to own Abhimanyu...

Be sure to send us the pictures taken during the screening/ links of your blogs/ Gatherings which clearly shows the video/activity, So that we can acknowledge the same in our official online spaces.

Abhimanyu could be anybody... Your Child, Your friend or You... Just stand up for him. We Invite you to Co-Own Abhimanyu. Co Own the film.

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