Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mom’s Love is so wonderful!

Mom’s Love is so wonderful!

We have already seen and applauded for her performance as a mother who was so caring for her blind and mute child. I am referring to the talented Shernaz Patil. She played a wonderful mother on screen to Rani in Black.
Now, you will witness her playing mother again to Abhimanyu in Onir’s film that deals with child sex abuse.
Shooting in Bangalore at Shankara Art Foundation, it was indeed pleasure to watch the lady in White, showering her love to her child. Not revealing anything on the sequence, the performance of Shernaz Patil is worth again to stand and applaud.
If we have been saying this; God’s love is so wonderful! Then, with what one will witness Shernaz’s performance – one can say, Mom’s love is so wonderful!With a sequence featuring her and other costars in the film, the 3rd day of the shoot Abhimanyu went of successfully.

Sundeep Malani


  1. surprisingly, i could relate her to my mom after i saw her display pic. She speaks with her silence. :-) Do let Shernaaz know that id love to meet her when she is here... just to share a hug. As she feels the role to get into it... I feel it siting here too.. :)Sometimes you need just emotion to bind, and no relation... Mother! I love you.

  2. Absolutely, Mommy is the BEST !!

    Thanks Sundeep for sharing this with us :)