Saturday, July 25, 2009

TGIF! - Cafe, Pub & Dance Floor

The 5th day and the last day of the shoot was a Friday, and it was Cafe, Pub & the Dance floor all the way!
We actually had more fun than the shoot on Friday, as it was all in the open space of the happening place of Bangalore - Brigade Road. Although we started early, the presence of Rahul Bose & Sanjay Suri at the Open Cafe Day, brought in lots of crowd to watch the shoot. But, without any disturbance and co-perative crowd we could manage to complete it on time, as per schedule.
Move on to, Fusion Lounge (Pub & Disc) wherein the Kannada Actress - the Hearthrob of Bangalore - Pooja Gandhi made an appearence to be part of the project. Thanks to Viren Khanna, the event organisor and the party animal, who bought in his group of friends to be part of the shoot.
At the end of the day, we wrapped up the shoot - the Last day with Cafe, Pub & fun at the dance floor!
That brings to the successful end of ABHIMANYU's 5 days shoot! Thank God its Friday!

Sundeep Malani


  1. I am sure last day would have been real fun :) Cheers !!

  2. Great to know this!
    Cheers to everyone :)