Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bojhal Se Lamhon ki Shaam Hai....

Bojhal Se Lamhon Ki Shaam Hai...
Khali Khali in Ankhon Main..

Yes.. Make sure you practice this lyrics, which will be for sure in everyone's lips soon, when the audio track of the film is out. Its such a melodious number, that gives one a high time.
Onir shot this song on Sanjay Suri at a Bungalow in Bangalore today.
While it was being shot, Onir used to say; MUSIC and it wasn't very clear to hear for the Nagara recordists who was at a distance to start. And I was on to his side to scream, SOUND! and then the song was being played. Listening to the lyrics.. its so mesmerizing that, at times when Onir said CUT.. ... and I wasn't passing on my voice to the recordists to say CUT... Such was the impact of the song!
Well, after the track from My Brother Nikhil (Le Chale.. Le Chale)... all you guys, watch out and wait to hear 'Bojhal Se Lamhon ki Shaam Hai....' which for sure, will be the Song for demand in radios, music channels etc.
With the picturisation of the song and various scenes at Kormangala, Bangalore the shoot for day 2 went successfully.

Sundeep Malani

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  1. needless to say, eagarly looking forward to it...

    and sundeep :) it was wonderful waking up to your voice. :) thank you:)