Friday, July 24, 2009

CATch Me If you can!

CATch me If you can!

‘Meow.. Meow!’ was what one heard for the entire day of a shoot after a long time. Truly speaking, Cats are not that common found in households in Bangalore. Hardly one gets to see a cat on the road or at some houses. But, thanks to Yasmin and JP who own (I would rather say are more like dotting parents) to a dozen of cats, that we used as much as 5 cats from their side for our film, Abhimanyu.
Cats were of different colors, very soft and also very cute.
I remember Onir saying this to me;
One thing I don’t like are cats. I don’t know how will I shoot with them.
And now, at the end of the shoot that he directed a few cats, all you can hear him saying,
I wish I could have them as my pet. I love cats.
Hmm…! Onir getting very Catty! Lol!!!
Let me add here that, as using an animal in the film we need to have a trained animal. And one Bollywood Cat (Mumbai se) was brought to Bangalore for a shoot. But, that cat was so unfriendly and ferocious that it actually scratched our DOP Arvind Kamnnabiran’s arm. And was not at all co-operative in giving the shot. It was just running from one place to another. The cat trainer, himself could not help us out. The cat was actually making us round around and was giving us the directions; CAT me if you can!
With Onir directing some lovely cats in the film (who make their debute), the 4th day of the shoot went meow.. meow…fully!

Sundeep Malani


  1. Ohh! though I have a dog as a pet. I have been deeply intrigued by cats. I love their independence and their royal life. My first pet was a cat. I had a dozen of them at my place. The way they brush on to you.. it is soothing... I remember of having cried to my dog... but I also remember the comfort i got.. by just running my hands thru the fur coat of the cat.. and feeling good. It is soothing. :)

  2. Our cats had a stress free shoot and we are grateful for the love and concern shown to them by everyone!

    The tom from mumbai was actually a very loving cat who was stressed out by the train journey and being in an unknown place with a trainer who seemed to care little for him. I hope he is back home and safe now. While cats are not easy animals all it takes is a little love to get them to cooperate.