Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Contributor Testimonial - Hiyaa Aashish Israni

Hiyaa on how she got to know about Abhimanyu and what made her contribute

Why I contributed to Abhimanyu...well...the reasons are personal first and then the social cause comes up.

I met Onir at Sanjay's place a couple of years ago. He and Sanjay (who is my cousin) had just completed 'My Brother Nikhil' and we got chatting. I probably now exchange more news with Onir than Sanju though it is mostly online. I have been assisted by Sanjay when I needed assistance really badly (Thank you Sanju, it meant a lot) and he is such a gem of a person. I wish I could do more but I am starting with what I can. They both are making films that do have a reason for being there. I feel both of them are worthy of more recognition than what they get. I am a huge fan of both of these wonderful people and I am so glad to know they are making films that do leave a mark on the audience. It makes me think of them as doing their bit for humanity in their own way.

Why shouldn't I be a part of it? Guys, I am really proud of you both! I hope to contribute to your other ventures too and I hope the amounts get bigger and better. Social issues in India are a hush. Incest, abuse, rapes...these are a few of the things our citizens like to sweep under the carpet and pretend it doesn't exist. It does exist and every 6th person one knows has actually, in his or her own lifetime been through it. Yes...these five films are something I will definitely be a part of...and more projects thereafter. I sure am in !!!

I encourage others to do their bit...every little assistance counts.

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