Friday, July 31, 2009

The making of Abhimanyu!

Location Hunting!

Lemme start this diary on the making of Abhimanyu, with the initial beginning - the Location Hunting in Bangalore. When Onir decided that he will make Abhimanyu in Bangalore, he told me his requirements of the locations (that goes with the script). As I was based in Bangalore, it was easier for me to get hold of locations - And as the script demanded a few of them including two houses, cafe day, studio and a disc, I was on the move to get hold of them.
Easier to get them, had the photos clicked of the locations and sent it to Onir. I had sent lots of photos of different bungalows that was needed. Hmm... to be very frank, Onir did not like most of them and zeroed in a few to have a look when he comes down for Recce.
So, I got ready to show him two bungalows, three different houses, two editing studios, discos/pubs amongst others. be continued

Sundeep Malani

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