Tuesday, July 7, 2009


2ND JULY 2009 will perhaps remain a landmark day for Human rights activists in India. This is the first time a court as senior as the Delhi High Court has given a decision on homosexuality. A ruling that dismissed Article 377 that criminalised consensual sex between two adults. The Gay community across the country celebrated as they no longer would be considered as criminals because of their identity.

Of course there is noise made from certain religious quarters.... This being against our culture and how this is going to destroy our social fabric and what is going to happen to procreation. I wonder what is it in our culture to keep killing each other for temples and mosques, is it in our culture that children get sexually abused, is it our culture to beat up women having a quiet drink at a pub, it is our culture to unzip and pee all over the country, is it our culture to shit in public.... I feel angry.

Culturally and in different forms of animal and plant life homosexuality has existed from time immemorial. Also the argument about procreation is so stupid. As if the entire heterosexual population is overnight change their sexual preferences because the law is no longer valid!
In this new scenario what’s the significance of OMAR. Omar is a film that incorporates this important historical day in the script. Omar is a story of fear and acceptance and a desire to love freely. Even though homosexuality has been decriminalised, society will not overnight accept Gay men and women with open arms. There are laws against Dowry and Child labour.... we all know the true story.

The change in law will be a positive step towards respect and acceptance.... but it’s a long journey. Omar as a film wants to create a space for discourse and acceptance.
The other day someone commented “The Gay community must be happy”. I told him “ Any civilised human being should be happy”

With this I introduce you the young talented actor who will be OMAR. Saahiel Sehgall.

While The ABHIMANYU team leaves for Bangalore for the shoot on 16th July.... Contribute and become a part of OMAR which we plan to shoot in Mumbai august 2009.

- Onir

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