Monday, July 20, 2009

Wilson College’s Media Festival Polaris 2009 adopts Abhimanyu

I was invited on Saturday, 18 July 2009 to judge one of the events at Wilson College’s media festival, the same festival that I had chief guested last year. It was a warm feeling to come back. Sitting in the guest relations room, I thought of sharing with them the idea of college festivals adopting Abhimanyu. The students readily agreed . They screened the "I Am Abhimanyu" movie and gave me an opportunity to speak to the young and energetic audience from different city colleges about Abhimanyu and Child Sexual Abuse.

I don't even know if they are aware of the magnificent change that they would be bringing about to lives of closeted victims who are muted to the joys of life, those who make friends with pain by simply facilitating a dialogue.

Hail Wilson! Hail Wilsonians!

Yours :)
Harish Iyer

Attached is a heart-warming note by Sukruti Staneley (a Mass Media Student) , PR head of Polaris 2009

"In a world filled with a plethora of sadness and misery, there are only a handful of people who manage to step out of their agonising misfortune and turn it into a windfall. Such is the story of a child abuse survivor inspired by the true story of Harish Iyer and his struggle to reclaim his own shattered identity after 11 long years of abuse. This July, the Wilson College BMM Department, spoke to Harish Iyer and not only realized the intense depth of this unexplored issue, but has also adopted the short film – Abhimanyu. We as a team are looking to support this cause in a way that makes a difference and holds no barriers to publicize our stand on this issue with Harish Iyer, the Abhimanyu team and the sponsors from all over the world. Being media students, we have realized the true weight of the role we play in society today and how we can truly stir hearts across the world through a simple act of telling your story through a film. The difference you can make is incredible and it is an honor to be a part of the people who make the difference. We have not only been encouraged to tell others’ stories but have also been urged to come out with our own. Polaris OIX this year stands up to fight for this cause of putting an end to child abuse and also helping those who are shattered by this tribulation to stand up once again, storing and independent. We also encourage the youth all over the country and colleges to join us as we stand for this cause, together we can make a difference. Let us support this effort and take it ahead to accomplish its goal"
Sukruti Staneley
Wilson College, BMM

Polaris OIX – PR Head

Picture of the screening at Wilson College.

You could also get your college/ College Festival to adopt Abhimanyu. You could screen the "I am Abhimanyu" or "Abhimanyu promo" Film and shoot us an email with the photograph clearly showing the screening. Or Just Drop in a comment or write to us at to know more.

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